A Different Theory on Why Pokemon is a Successful Production

I like Pokemon. Even if I don’t play the games, even if I don’t watch the whole series, I like the biography and the development process. As an entrepreneur, these things affect me. Again, as an entrepreneur, I try to use the story development process in my startups.

Show Don’t Tell

“I’m sleepy.” The easiest way to describe this sentence is with emoji. 😴 With only 1 character, we solve the situation. Some situations and events are easy to describe with pictures. With GIFs, it’s easy to explain it and it creates a culture.


While Western companies create more abstract and text-based logos, Eastern countries create more mascot-based logos.


I wonder, is Pokemon popular because it came out in Japan? Because Japan already has a geographical location where mascots are familiar.

I also learned that Asian countries like collectibles, and Pokemon is a collectible, and collectibles create a constant cash flow.

The US is a country with good marketing. Could it be that with the income from the success in Japan, it has taken on a worldwide marketing?

It is just a thought and there is no certainty. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you.

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