Websites Where You Can Sell Micro SaaS Products

Sell Micro SaaS

Sometimes it can be not easy to sustain the products we produce. At this point, we may have the option to sell our product. Sometimes we make products to sell. The internet is full of their stories. Even my favorite game Minecraft was the exit. While Notch doesn’t like it that much, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t done. If even the big companies can do these, why shouldn’t the small ones, namely the micro ones? (Sell Micro SaaS)

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What is Bootstrapping?

What is Bootstrapping

Bootstrapping is an American idiom. There is a handle on the back of the boots that makes it easy to put on the boot. Bootstrapping means that the person grabs the handle on the back of the boot and pulls himself up. Normally a fulcrum is required in leverage systems. But the handle on the back of these boots has no fulcrum. It is physically impossible. But despite that, you can wear your own boot, even if there is no handle. You do the impossible. This is the bootstrapping philosophy. Doing what seems impossible on your own.

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