They Sued Me For $10K! (For a ridiculous reason!)

I like a joke. But it’s true. I have a $10,000 case. And for a pretty ridiculous reason.

I’m telling you this because it might happen to you one day.

I embedded a movie that was published on YouTube about 2 years ago on an old website with a domain but no activity. I have never downloaded or installed it. The YouTube channel was not mine. There was a button on my website that if you are complaining, send an email and we will remove it. However, the email was not sent.

All they say is that I posted without permission. However, they left the embed feature of the YouTube video open. This means that you are allowed to post the video on any website. But they did not understand this, they still sued me.

I could find a free lawyer, but I went in search of a paid lawyer, thinking that they would still not understand because it was a ridiculous situation.

The attorney fee was $1000. Earlier I earned $321 with Notion Plus Classic. Now I have developed the Notion Plus Widget tool. I will also make and sell Notion templates almost every day. I’ll be launching on ProductHunt every day. I think I can afford the lawyer’s fees this way.

The worst part is, my sued is on July 10! And my time is very short. While doing sales and marketing, I need to develop a product and prepare it for launch. I have a very busy pace.

I do not work in a business because I am a solo entrepreneur. This is an incredibly big problem for me right now. I have only one option. It’s also selling.

In order for it not to happen to you, you must send an e-mail as proof of your hesitation. If it’s on YouTube, send an email to that channel. Install it later. Otherwise, you may appear to be wrong. The other party does not understand what embed means. Very interesting.

What would you recommend to increase sales in a short time?

At the moment, I share in many communities from time to time during the day. I will also post this article on my own blog and share it on Hacker News soon. And on different platforms. Then I will write content for both my own website and Notion Plus Blog.

I will try to produce active content on the social media accounts of Notion Plus. But it’s not enough and I haven’t sold any yet. What do you recommend?

Thank you.

Edit: It’s so ridiculous that people think it’s clickbait. I have to share my evidence!


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