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Thank You List

This is the list that I thank to those who support from Patreon.

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    Tips and Tricks:
    Indie hacking tips is shared every day

    E.g: You don't have to work full-time on a project to start a sellable business.

    An inspiring tool is shared every day

    E.g: With, you can set up a blog without a database.

    What Day Is It Today?:
    Airtable list where all the special days in the world are published in a year

    E.g: 27 April Happy Morse Code Day! 🥳

    Detective Search:
    Each day, in different areas 1 niche SEO keywords will be shared

    E.g: "wedding anniversary gifts by year"

    This May Interest You:
    Every day, a random movie or series or documentary or book or podcast will be shared

    E.g: Movie = Walt Before Mickey (It is a movie that tells the story of Disney's founding.)

    Possible Opportunities:
    Sharing about different technologies and fields

    Discussion Topic of the Week:
    One discussion topic will be published each week

    Train Your Brain Differently:
    Daily funny small exercises will be published to help you think differently

    Dead Projects:
    A dead project is shared every day.

    For The Soul:
    A feel-good saying is shared every day

    Entrepreneur Quotes:
    Not just the words of entrepreneurs; The words of scientists and artists will also be shared

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