Ugur KILCI 😈


What is He Doing Now?

  1. Girişim Kur: Girişim Kur is a startup studio. All startups, big and small, are affiliated with this studio.
  2. A tool for Notion templates and widgets. Uğur KILCI develops his entrepreneurial skills through this venture.
  3. MicroSaaS.Art: A blog where he shares what he has learned about micro SaaS and entrepreneurship. He aims to write 1000 blog posts.
  4. Personal YouTube Channel: He shares the knowledge he has acquired in the field of web development.
  5. Girişimzel: Lists the resources he consumes related to entrepreneurship. It includes movies, series, documentaries, podcasts, books, and YouTube channels about entrepreneurship.
  6. Volunteer Moderator at Komünite: He volunteers as a moderator on
  7. Freelance: He does freelance work when he needs money. However, he hates doing freelance work and is trying to solve this problem. He is considering forming a freelance team, but he is unsure and somewhat confused about it.

Foreshadowing: This website is in black and white for a reason. 😈