Ugur KILCI 😈


What Has He Done?

  1. Active (21.01.2023). Started with selling templates to find customers through N+ Classic, then turned into a widget tool.
  2. Dead (04.07.2017). It was a personal bookmark website.
  3. Dead API Maker (17.01.2022). It was a tool for creating APIs with Notion. It received 433 upvotes on ProductHunt.
  4. Zombie Girişimzel (19.07.2019). A curation site focused on entrepreneurship. It curated and published films, series, documentaries, podcasts, books, and YouTube channels related to entrepreneurship.
  5. Dead Podcastel (15.09.2019). A tool for sending voice recordings to podcasts and communicating with them. Despite email marketing to about 70 people, it did not generate revenue.
  6. Dead Listorion (10.06.2019). It was a platform for discovering Instagram influencers.
  7. Zombie Social Media Calendar Special Days (16.06.2021). It listed all special days and weeks worldwide.
  8. Dead Smart Watch UI Kit (20.06.2021). A UI kit with 52 designs for smartwatches.
  9. Dead Praticle Domain Search (29.03.2020). A tool for checking domain availability by sequentially adding letters.
  10. Flowing AI Pixel Art Human Face (18.06.2022). 400 pixel human faces generated by AI with 4 variants.
  11. Former Partner Create Target Audience (23.07.2022). A Twitter marketing tool.
  12. Former Partner + Kargadio (27.04.2017). A Discord server and blog.
  13. Flowing The Art of Selling with Words (22.02.2023). A list of sentences to persuade people to buy, created with ChatGPT.
  14. Flowing 200 Ebook Cover Design (20.06.2020). Alternatives to the best-selling book covers on Amazon, created in Photoshop.
  15. Flowing FREE Social Media Planner (20.06.2023). An advanced social media planner created for Notion.
  16. Exit for $100 Notion Website Builder Guide (08.03.2023). A guide to creating websites with Notion.
  17. Flowing Other Notion Templates (Published at different times).
  18. Zombie Vision Pro Ideas (06.05.2023). A list of game and app ideas for Apple Vision Pro.
  19. Zombie Websitetion (09.05.2024). Themes created for Notion websites. Not templates, but themes!
  20. Zombie Websitetion Components (11.05.2024). 500 different Notion component templates for building websites with Notion.
  21. Zombie Minik.Link (21.08.2022). A link shortening site.
  22. Worked Independently coded the entire backend and frontend infrastructure for a project creating 7500 games for preschool children, especially autistic children, in collaboration with Unicef and the Ministry of National Education. Also managed a 15-person game development team simultaneously.
  23. Worked Türk Sağlık-Sen Akademi
  24. Worked Türk Büro-Sen Akademi
  25. Worked Türk Eğitim-Sen Akademi

Exhausted from adding products, more will be added later.
Foreshadowing: This website is in black and white for a reason. 😈