Ugur KILCI 😈


Who is Ugur KILCI?

Ugur KILCI is the founder and owner of, goaling to be an entrepreneur who will impact the world. His startups primarily focus on SaaS web projects.

He is 26 years old and was born in Aydın, Turkey.

He studied Graphic Design at Mehmet Akif Ersoy University.

He started software development by creating games with Game Maker 8.0. Then, he made his first website with TR.GG began learning HTML and CSS on his own during this process.

During his game development journey, he served as a super moderator for 2 years on the game development forum, which had 15,000 members.

During the same period, he learned to create Windows programs with Visual Basic through online research. Within a few years, he continued developing programs by learning C#.

In high school, he also self-taught PHP and MySQL by watching videos on YouTube and conducting research in both Turkish and English on Google. He then started working on learning JavaScript.

During all this, he learned Sony Vegas Pro with the hope of making films. He learned Photoshop for game graphics and websites. He launched his YouTube channel, which now has over 7,000 subscribers, in his senior year of high school.

After graduating high school, he decided to develop in the web field using PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript.

When Discord first came to Turkey, he co-founded one of Turkey's first Discord servers, Kargadio, which had over 1500 members.

From his game development days until now, he has created over 600 products/projects, including Facebook pages, groups, websites, games, and more. He stopped counting in university and estimates that this number may have approached 700.

In university, he took on roles with the TEMA Foundation. He performed on stage in a theater play with a cast of 30 people and directed a small theater group called Alavere Tiyatrosu. He also filmed 2 rap music videos.

Just a few days before university, he participated in the 2017 Ankara ODTÜ Bilgeİş Hackathon. He attended the Yollarda.TV Bitcoin and Blockchain event as a listener and attended the latest İzmir YouTube event.

He joined Birlikteİ and realized he didn't like freelance work (despite still having to do freelance work). He then joined, where professionals in Turkey participate, and attended İzmir meetups.

He founded with a friend he met through The PHP and MySQL-based website was earning over $1000 per month.

During the same period, he single-handedly coded the entire backend and frontend infrastructure for a project to create 7500 games for preschool children, especially those with autism, in collaboration with the world-renowned Unicef and the Ministry of National Education. He also managed a 15-person game development team.

His short-term goals include reaching $1000 MRR. His long-term goals include inventing technologies that will impact the world and be remembered for generations.

Ugur KILCI also continues to have an interest in game and film production. He incorporates the techniques used in these fields into his products to create harmonious experiences. He appreciates minimal designs, enjoys good designs, reads books, and respects people who read books.

Foreshadowing: This website is in black and white for a reason. 😈