Hi, I am Uğur 😈,
I am an entrepreneur and content creator living in Turkey.

hi@ugurkilci.com IH

I produce digital products. These can be products related to web software, Micro SaaS, Notion. I don't have a certain limit. I do things that make sense and that I like.

What Am I Doing?


Create Awesome Notion Templates


My Blog

Micro SaaS-focused blog. I share articles about all kinds of Micro SaaS problems and solutions.

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My Twitter Account

I share tweets about entrepreneurship. I also post #buildinpublic.

824 Followers 48.6K Tweet impressions (Last 28 days)


Entrepreneurship-oriented curation site. I curated films, series, documentaries, podcasts, books, and YouTube channels about entrepreneurship.

API Maker

A website where you can create an API with Notion. If a good offer comes, I think I to exit in 2023.

Waiting for the offer for exit


Turkish link shortening site. Unconfusing, simple and spacious. Just a simple link shortener site.

559.361 Clicks 1461 Links

Social Media Calendar - Special Days

All special days & weeks in the world.

$19+ Revenue Waiting for the offer for exit

200 Ebook Cover Design

Best books on Amazon has been redesigned with Photoshop.

$19+ Revenue Waiting for the offer for exit

AI Pixel Art Human Face

Pixel art human faces designed by artificial intelligence Total 400 Images! Since they do not belong to a real person, they are designs that you can easily use in many projects.

$5+ Revenue Waiting for the offer for exit

My YouTube Channel

I make software videos in Turkish.

4,958 Subscribers 656,932 Views

My Udemy Account

The majority of the courses are in Turkish. I have published social media, crypto, and entrepreneurship pieces of training.

$221.32+ Revenue
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